Sunday Skills: Colorwork and Steeking Tir Chonaill

Sage Yarn

Let’s talk colorwork!  This is my in-progress shot of Tir Chonaill by knitwear designer Kate Davies, named for the long ago kingdom in what is now County Donegal, Ireland.  I’m a huge colorwork junkie, and when I was alerted to this new pattern by one of my customers. . . well, I bought it and cast on immediately.  Davies’ design is intended as a lap blanket or wrap, and can be easily adjusted to create a larger throw if desired.  It’s knit in the round and then steeked — and absolutely perfect for knitters looking for their first colorwork project, because there are very few areas where floats need securing.  Nervous about steeking?  Don’t be!  It’s fun — promise!  Davies has her own clever method for finishing steeks called a “steek sandwich” and offers support for the technique right on her fabulous website.  I’m really intrigued…

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