FO – Mystery Shawl 2013

My latest finished object, a lacy shawl designed by Jen Lucas!

Sage Yarn

 NovemberKALShawlI love lacy sock yarn shawls!  And for so many reasons. . . the yarn is just a bit heavier than lace weight, making it a more substantial knit without being too warm and heavy to wear indoors this time of year.  I can buy just one of that super-special one-of-a-kind skein and have a fabulous statement piece to wear from it.  Sock yarn is often washable, making it safe to give a sock yarn shawl as a gift to a non-knitter friend or family member.  Finally, shawls and shawlettes are just so much fun to make!  This lovely example was knit from a mystery pattern over the last month.  Jen Lucas of Knitting Like Crazy released the pattern in 4 stages, one each week for the month of November.  It was so much fun to knit without knowing exactly what the finished result would be — a knitting…

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