FO — Echo Flower Shawl

My latest FO, an Echo Flower shawl for my sister Hannah!

Sage Yarn

It’s finished, it’s finished!  My latest Finished Object, and perhaps the most gorgeous thing I’ve EVER knit, is this Echo Flower shawl knit in celebration of my little sister’s engagement!  Congratulations, Hannah and Nick!  I was lucky enough to gift it to her in person last week, and am so thrilled that she loves it.

Now, the knitterly details:  Echo Flowers is a beautiful, easy-to-follow pattern, and I can’t say enough good things about it!  Clear charts and a good overview make it accessible to most knitters.  The nupps are a little more advanced, simply because you need to be careful working 7-9 stitches together, but a determined newbie can certainly be successful.  I followed the beading placement recommended by wriggle on Ravelry — check out the neat little pyramids of beads, and the single bead at each point along the edging!  All credit goes to her!  If you’ve never…

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