FO Friday: Baby Jack!

All about Jack’s beautiful blanket, and thoughts on gift knitting!

Sage Yarn

Jack & Rams Jack O. with Rams & Yowes blanket, designed by Kate Davies. Knit by Jennifer Heinlein using Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering.

Okay, so he’s really more of a WIP, but Baby Jack arrived safe and sound on January 22 — just one day ahead of his due date.  He’s sweet and cheerful, sleeps while the dogs are yodeling, and even lets me knit occasionally!  John and I are positively smitten with our little boy!

The second most amazing thing to happen to me this year has been the outpouring of fiber love for Jack.  My friends, students, and customers are truly amazing — case in point is the Rams & Yowes blanket knit by Jen!  Ready for a story?  We’d intended to have our own knitalong for this project during our 2012 TKGA Grand Retreat trip, and planned far in advance how we’d modify the original neutral palette with shades…

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Meet Baby Jack!

Johnny and I welcomed baby John "Jack" Edward on January 22, just after 3 am.  It's hard to believe he's nearly 6 weeks old!  He's such a sweet, cheerful baby, and already shows excellent taste in hand knits -- as if there was ever any doubt! In the meantime, this tired mama is slowly getting … Continue reading Meet Baby Jack!