Please know that I value your time and energy, and do my best to prevent mistakes in my designs.  Should one occur, I will be sure to post an update below.

Baby & Me Knits (2015)

Baby Kale Shawl
p. 21
Chart is incorrect on Rows 1 & 2; written words are correct — there should be only one knit stitch immediately to the left of the red outlined repeat, and no stitches outside the repeat on the right side.

Ropes and Rings Hoodie Sweater
p. 99
Glossary of Abbreviations
LR – Right leaning lifted increase: Using right hand needle, lift the stitch left hand needle from the back and knit it, then knit the next stitch.

Blue Jager Baby Blanket
p. 59
Seed stitch border:both rows 1 and 2 should state “ending with k1”
Jager block bottom border: correct as printed
Blanket body: all occurrences of “19” should be “10”
Jager block top border: correct as printed
Seed stitch border: as above both rows 1 and 2 should state “ending with k1”