Knits of a Feather

Knits of a Feather by Celeste Young
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Reviews of Knits of a Feather

Taking inspiration from our feathered friends, this collection of knitting patterns designed by needlework teacher Young runs the gamut from hats and wraps to sweaters and household pieces. Patterns range from more abstract takes on the feathered theme, with pieces like the geometric Cardinal Cap or the speckled Robin’s Egg Wristlets, to more literal renditions, such as the pictorial Birds on a Wire Cowl and the Feathered Shoulder Warmer, a whimsical accessory composed of oversized knitted feathers. Lace and cablework make occasional appearances, but the collection forefronts colorwork designs as a way to relish patterns from the natural world. Although the difficulty key indicates how challenging each project is, most patterns fall in the intermediate range. Bird lovers and fans of colorwork will flock to this sweet collection of fun knits. -Publishers Weekly

A variety of knitting techniques are represented, including beading, cables, lace, duplicate stitch, and colorwork. Young pairs information about these techniques with the patterns that use them, and includes photos of what the work looks like in progress–tremendously helpful when learning a new skill. I was also pleased to see that the charts in this book are large enough to read easily, without making a trip to a copy shop to enlarge them. – Hillsborough Yarn Shop, Hillsborough, North Carolina
Celeste Young’s debut book Knits of a Feather (Sellers Publishing, 2013) features twenty knitting patterns inspired by birds.  Included are designs for sweaters, household items, and accessories such as hats, shawls, and gloves, each with a different bird pattern.  Young uses many techniques throughout this book, and she gives knitters options so they can make many of their own design decisions. –Interweave Knits, Spring 2014
In her first knitting book, teacher and designer Celeste Young celebrates her favorite knitting techniques while paying tribute to the inspiration she finds in birds [. . .].  Full of artful interpretations of our feathered friends’ influence, the designs include very practical and wearable pieces with a touch of whimsy that knitters of all levels will enjoy creating.  The photographs show designs in progress with tips on how, for example, to incorporate floats in your colorwork to eliminate puckers and how to do a three-needle bind off.  Birds on a Wire Cowl will remind you of that very vision, and Murmuration Shawl is reminiscent of a flock of birds taking wing.  Enjoy Celeste’s nod to nature as you work on her cozy knits! –Cast On, Feb-Apr 2014



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