Knits of a Feather

I am beyond excited to officially announce my biggest project to date: my first book! Knits of a Feather features 20 knitting projects inspired by birds -- sweaters, shawls, scarves, hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, pillows, and more! Lots and lots of colorwork, as well as cables, lace, and embroidery can be expected!  Once the book … Continue reading Knits of a Feather


Workshop Thoughts and Thanks!

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Sage Yarn

I can’t believe it was nearly a week ago — how time flies as we count down to the holiday season!  This past Sunday I taught my first-ever workshop for my Rocky Peak Ridge hat pattern at Sage Yarn, and it was just awesome to see everyone’s enthusiasm!  We spent the first part of class reviewing the chart and directions, focusing on rules for knitting in the round.  Then it was time to jump in to working with two hands — and everyone did an absolutely fabulous job!  Just think about how many thousands. . . millions . . . of stitches your dominant hand has had to practice on, and you’ll understand how huge it was for everyone to try working with their non-dominant hand for two hours!  I was so impressed, and I think some folks even impressed themselves!  By the time we were wrapping up, there was…

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Sage Yarn

I’m really excited to be teaching my latest hat pattern, Rocky Peak Ridge, at Sage this coming Sunday!  I love color knitting of all kinds — striped, stranded, intarsia, mosaic — but there’s something so satisfying about working a stranded pattern using two colors, one in each hand.  This hat features quick color changes and easy-to-memorize pattern repeats, perfect for practicing knitting with both hands.

It’s also a fun one for playing with color dominance, as the background color changes with each pattern band.  See how it alternates as the hat progresses from brim to crown?  Keeping the background color in the right hand allows the “pattern” color to POP!  Try changing your yarn position with each band and see what happens — the shift is subtle, but definitely noticeable!  We’ll talk about yarn dominance and more on Sunday.  Won’t you join us?  Check out the full details below!

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Sage Yarn

Jen and I face copyright questions on a daily basis — whether it’s a customer hoping to knit an item for sale at a local fair, an instructor wondering whether a published pattern may be used to teach a class, or wanting to make a “working copy” of a pattern to write on as we’re knitting on a project!  Copyright laws can be intimidating and confusing,  so we wanted to help clarify things!

Our example is my most recent pattern, which appeared on the cover of Interweave’s Holiday Gifts issue.  Currently, Interweave holds the rights to the pattern.  In their words, the “instructions we publish at Interweave are intended for personal use and inspiration only – not for commercial purposes.”  This means that even as the designer I am not allowed to sell the pattern on my own, or sell finished items made using the pattern.  I am, however, allowed…

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